Sponsored Organization

The way we see it, our community is an interconnected web of organizations, groups, and families. All working hard to provide and design programs, activities, and events for youth. Certain individuals lead with their ideas, others lead with actions, and each path is a gift to the next generation. If you’re here for any of the reasons we think you are then we invite you to become a Sponsored Organizaiton of the Oneida Youth Leadership Institute. Sign me up! 

How It Works

Community organizers, youth groups, and teams are all great examples of Oneida Youth Leadership Institute Sponsored Organizations. Many share the need to fundraise and ensure the safekeeping of funds for a period of time or for years to come. Let Oneida Youth Leadership Institute be your fiscal sponsor and any dollar you raise will be tax-exempt under the IRC Section 7871. This means more money goes toward your efforts in supporting Oneida youth leaders exactly where and how you would like.


IRC 7871 Tax Advantages

Meet the Qualifications

To become a Oneida Youth Leadership Institute Sponsored Organization you must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Be an organization, program, or group.
  2. Have a youth initiative that is aligned with one or more of OYLI’s core values: Traditional Heritage & Culture, Healthy Mind & Body, Citizen Engagement, Academic Excellence, Entrepreneurial Spirit. 
  3. Select a Youth Ambassador from your group to embrace a leadership role.


The cost to sign up as a Sponsored Organization is FREE. However, one of the long-term goals of Oneida Youth Leadership Institute is to create a lasting endowment for Oneida Youth. We charge 5% on funds that go through your account. All of these funds that we collect help support the program and youth initiatives.

the Process is simple

  1. Submit the Sponsored Organization Application Form with the name of your organization along with a few details.
  2. Upon review we will contact you; and if our goals are aligned we will send over an agreement.
  3. We will establish your account and let you know when it’s ready to go.


Looking for a few more details? Check out Frequently Asked Questions or visit our Blog.