Frequently Asked Questions

What is OYLI?

The Oneida Youth Leadership Institute (OYLI) is a 7871 charitable organization of the Oneida Nation located in Oneida, Wisconsin. We raise and provide funding to develop young Oneida leaders. We also provide 7871 tax advantages to qualified organizations that serve the needs of young Oneidas and share our core values.

Does OYLI fund individual/personal funding requests or do we have to be a group?

Right now, we are focusing our attention on group funding. There may be opportunities for individual leaders to apply for funding in the future.

Is there a deadline to apply for funds?

Right now we do not have an application because we do not have funds to disperse. When we have an application, there will be a deadline.

Where can I find the application to apply for funds?

There isn’t an application to apply for funds at the moment due to our available funds. Once we reach our initial fundraising goal an application will be accessible for funding specific Oneida youth related groups and projects. Right now you can sign up as a Sponsored Organization which support your own fundraising efforts.

What are the priority areas you focus on funding?

We are prioritizing youth initiatives that are aligned with our core values: Traditional Heritage & Culture, Healthy Mind & Body, Citizen Engagement, Academic Excellence, Entrepreneurial Spirit.

What is a Sponsored Organization?

Community organizers, youth groups, and teams are all great examples of Oneida Youth Leadership Institute Sponsored Organizations. Many share the need to fundraise and ensure the safekeeping of funds. Oneida Youth Leadership Institute be your fiscal sponsor and any dollar you raise will be tax-exempt under the IRC Section 7871.

Who reviews and makes decisions on Sponsored Organization applications?

The OYLI board will review Sponsored Organization applications.

If my program/organization receives funds, do I have to submit a report at the end of the cycle?

Yes, a brief report is required. One of our roles is to steward funds and we’d like to ensure funding is spent appropriately and reflect a collective community impact.

What if my program/organization receives funds from another granting agency in the tribe. Can we still apply to OYLI for funds?

Yes, you may still apply. We will review your application and make a determination based on greatest need.